Wine Competition


Saturday my husband and I got to attend and capture the wine competition for the McMinnville Wine & Food Classic-Sip! The competition was held at the Barberry and had judges from all over, even out of state. They consisted of writers, publicists, educators, chefs, editors, and winemakers. It was such a fun experience getting to see all their techniques for tasting wines. It was also so interesting to hear all things they had to say about each wine. I had no idea you could know so much from just swishing a tiny drink around in your mouth. Yes you read that correctly, they don’t even drink the wine. All they do is swish it around in their mouth and then spit it out (gross). I was just glad it wasn’t me having to dump out their spit buckets!

They started the competition around 10am and it lasted till about 5pm. That is a long time to sit around and taste wine. They had several rounds and each round had 5-6 different wines. They would vote during each round on their own to determine if the wine should be a medal wine, silver, gold, or double gold. Then they re-tasted each wine that got a medal. During this time they tasted the wines and then talked amongst the group to decide if it should stay at the medal it got or be moved up or down. They then voted on the best red, best pinot noir, best white, best chardonnay, and best over all.

During the medal rounds I honestly didn’t understand half the words they were using. It felt like I was back working in the doctors office, yet there I understood all the technical words. Yet I still found it so interesting listening to them all. I now want to tour more wines and hear about their bottling process. I had no idea that the bottling process had anything to do with the taste of the wine. I learned a lot of new things that day.

After the competition they had an afterparty. Here people from the community were able to pay for a ticket and received a glass to taste the wines. They had all the bottles out on the table to choose from and then the server would pour you a taste. It was interesting to see and hear the difference in opinion from the judges to the attendees that came to the after party.

This event was a huge success and I am so thankful we got to capture this event for St. James. If you didn’t know, the McMinnville food & wine classic-sip is actually a fundraiser for the school. This is a huge event for McMinnville and it wouldn’t be the amazing event it is without the support from the board members and parents. You can still purchase your tickets for the event in March and I believe the discount pricing is still available as well!!