Jarred & Malina


I met Malina’s family back in high school when I use to nanny for their family friends. It soon turned into me watching the kids from both families almost every weekend. I sure loved spending time with those kids!! Fast forward 10 or so years…they are all grown up!!! It is so crazy how fast time flies. It’s amazing seeing what wonderful adults they have turned into.

Malina now lives in Bend and is attending school there. Her boyfriend Jarred lives there as well. When the hubby and I planned a trip to bend for his birthday, which we do almost every year, I had to reach out to them. I asked if they would be down for a session at smith rock. My husband and I both absolutely love Bend area, we hope to move there someday, and we travel there often. Like probably too often lol. I feel like we go once every other month if not more. But with all our trips there, I have never done a session at Smith Rock. Lots of hiking, but no sessions!! This time I wasn’t leaving without some bomb images from that beautiful place.

Well as you can see both Malina and Jarred were super excited, okay maybe just Malina, but Jarred got into it!! We had a super fun low key session. We talked about how they met, what they are currently going to school for, and how much they love living in Bend. They are both such fun spirited people and you can tell they love to laugh together!! Thanks again Malina & Jarred for the super fun cold session!!!